The Sensitive Screen
2012 | Aphasiac Design
Tags: Creative Coding, Installation, Physical Computing

The Sensitive Screen is an installation that explores the relationship between technology and slow time. It uses the the touch-reactive plant Mimosa Pudica and motors to create a living screen; when each motor brushes a specific area of the screen it causes those plants to close, making an 'off pixel' in relationship to the 'on pixels' of the still open plants. Images are painted in the sea of green plants.

The Sensitive Screen is meant to display not only still images but also video. However, unlike normal video, which operates at around 24 or 30 frames-per-second, The Sensitive Screen is constrained by the biology of the plants themselves. It takes Mimosa Pudica roughly ten minutes to fully reopen after closing -- which means that video plays back at the intentionally slow pace of six frames per second.